Stepping Back in to the World of PC Gaming

Stepping Back in to the World of PC Gaming

Further to my recent post about ‘Stepping over to the Dark Side‘, I am now the owner of a new PC (and I will talk more about the actual PC in a post this week) and have been enjoying getting back in to some of the games I used to play regularly as well as some new ones.

League of Legends (LoL) was the first game I downloaded, being the game I most recently used to play on my old Macbook. I have only really been playing one particular mode, a mode called ARAM or All Random All Middle, but I have really been enjoying it and I am pleased to say that my skills have not diminished as much as I thought they may have.

For those that are unaware of what LoL is, it is a game in which you typically play 5v5 and the aim is to destroy the opposing team’s base, killing the enemy characters and ‘turrets’ along the way. The most common way to judge your individual performance after a game is by your KDA ratio, that is Kills-Deaths-Assists. In this way, it recognises that as a team game one player may have a good game whilst the others struggled and you can still show where you had a good game whilst your team mates did not.


For example, in the above game, I had a pretty good game. I killed the enemy champions 20 times, as well as assisting my team mates with kills 10 times, and only died 10 times myself. Unfortunately, and this is something that can happen due to the random nature of this game type, the composition of the team I was on was not very good and we were unable to make any real ground on the opposition and, quite quickly as it turns out, we lost this game.

The other game I have put a fair amount of hours into over the weekend is called Marvel Heroes, a Massively Multiplayer Online game in which you get to run around as perhaps your favourite Marvel superhero and try to save the world by completing a number of progressively harder missions and finding progressively stronger equipment to use.

TheĀ basics of the game are not particularly complex but there are extra things you can take advantage of you get deeper in to the game and, playing as Deadpool, you get this amazing running commentary as you run around killing the bad guys.

Right, that enough for one day I reckon. As I said earlier, more on the actual PC in an upcoming post later this week and, now that I know I’m not as rusty at LoL as I thought I may be, I may even get recording some game footage soon

Peace out

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