Table Top War Games

Table Top War Games

I mentioned in my blog post on Thursday that I had a rather large collection of Warhammer miniatures and I thought that, given I would like to make some kind of regular feature based about Warhammer, perhaps I could get an easy post by talking about my history with table top wargaming.

One of my friends at High School introduced me to Warhammer properly, told me more about the way it worked and where I could learn more about it. I started going to our local Games Workshop on a Sunday and took part in some in some beginners games.

Games Workshop’s magazine, White Dwarf, was at the time running a monthly campaign based around the newly released ‘Chaos’ models, a faction of men and monsters that that worshipped a particular set of Gods from the Warhammer universe. The idea was that you would start of with one unit of warriors and, month by month, you would add extra units and grow your ‘war band’ until you had the core units for an army. The idea was a good one and it suited the backstory of the Chaos faction. And it was fun as well. Because of the small sizes of the war band, games did not take very long and therefore you could have multiple games in an afternoon.

Around the time I got more and more hooked by the Warhammer ‘fantasy’ universe, Games Workshop released a slightly amended rule set and models, based on the recently released Fellowship of the Ring film.The rules were slightly easier, which was nice, but what really hooked me was being able to play in a universe that I already knew and loved, having already read the Lord of the Rings books a couple of times by this point. My friend was happy to play as the bad guys which meant I was able to play as the Good Guys, which I have always found easier. I got to run around as Aragon, Legolas and Gimli, sinking miniature swords, arrows and axes into little plastic orcs and goblins that prevented  me from winning the game.

I collected a number of Lord of the Rings Warhammer models over the years before moving on to my current version of choice, Warhammer 40,000. I started off playing as a newer faction to the Warhammer 40K universe, the Tau: a technologically advanced race of aliens who fight for ‘the Greater Good’. Unfortunately, our local Games Workshop was closed down and I ended up without somewhere to spend my pocket money on new models and discuss tactics and play games with new people.

Fast forward a bit and I learn about a stall running in the local indoor market that not only sold Games Workshop models but also for other games, including some Trading Card Games (but perhaps more on those in another post!). After having popped in a couple of times and made some purchases, I learned that the owner of the store always organised and ran a ‘gaming night’ in a working mans club above the shopping centre. It quickly became a fundamental part of my week.

After playing as my Tau for a period of time, I donated the army to a friend and switched allegiances, helped by my Uncle, to the Space Marines, a super army designed to protect Mankind. I have played many games with my Space Marine army, of which I won some and lost some. But each game was fun. I honestly struggle to think of a game I did not enjoy. I enjoyed the temporary moments of competitiveness with my friends, waging war with each other before setting that aside to enjoy a beer and discuss what went well and what did not.

When I moved away, I had to stop going to the club. This was very disappointing as I had become very close friends with many of the regulars there. I have always hoped that I would find myself able to go to the club again and, it appears that this may well still be a possibility.

My Space Marine collection is still in storage at my Aunt and Uncles and, though I fully intend to take receipt of it at some point, I am thinking about maybe starting a new army. Well, kinda new. I’m considering picking up Tau again and thought that maybe I could keep a blog tracking me starting from a small number of models and gradually building up to something that vaguely resembles an army and then perhaps even some ‘battle reports’ once I start playing again.

What do you think? Would anyone be interested? Would definitely be happy to have some in-depth discussions with people about it. One of the plus sides  about being a geek, always happy to talk about the things I enjoy!

Peace out x

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