Stepping over to the dark side

Stepping over to the dark side

For years I have had an Apple MacBook as my primary computer at home. At the time of purchase, I had a fair amount of expendable income and was attempting to pursue a (side)career of graphic and web design and development. The MacBook has kept me going for a number of years now but, unfortunately, has not been able to stand the test of time, or at least in keeping up with me.

As I drifted further and further away from graphic and web design and more and more into playing computer games, I found the traditional stumbling block for Apple users – lack of compatible games. Sure, Football Manager works and I found a mac client for League of Legends but far too many of the games I wanted to play just would not be available. Add in to this the inevitability of laptops (particularly Apple ones) becoming outdated in regards to hardware and I eventually reached the stage I am at now, where even Minecraft wont run without major frame rate issues.

For some time, I distracted myself from this problem with the purchase of a shiny new Xbox One. Destiny, NBA 2K15 and GTA V have quietly fed my gaming habit, but at a price. Like many people who take part in multiplayer gaming, you make acquaintances with who it feels odd to call by their first name. Nothing but their ‘gamertag’ or in game name sounds right, and typically these friends know what games they like and stick to them. I had a number of such friends on Minecraft servers and League of Legends for whom my primary means of communication was through in game chat tools. Since I got my Xbox One, I have barely spoken to any of them and this sucks.

Bringing this around to the title of this post, after having saved up some money, I have purchased myself a new computer. A Windows computer, and a desktop at that (well, kinda). I won’t go into too much detail of the new computer in this post as I intend to do some kind of ‘unboxing’ in the future but I now have a real drive again to get back into PC gaming and, for some games, and a good level. Whilst I was able to play the game with no issues, I would consider myself a fairly solid League of Legends player and I was in the process of partaking in Ranked games when I discovered that my MacBook could no longer handle the game.

I also used to enjoy creating YouTube videos of me playing Minecraft, but found I could no longer run Minecraft without frame rate issues, let alone recording software as well. Both of these games, and more, I intend to pick back up again and go full throttle with. I have had some (what I think are) great ideas over the last few months but just not had the tools to put in to fruition. Next week, I will. And I intend to share these with you all.

Peace out x

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