2014 Awards of the Year

2014 Awards of the Year

2014 was a decent year. Some cool things happened. I continued to progress my photography. I created a book of my photographs from the year before and received good feedback. Me and Abi went to Canada for two weeks which was amazing, even if I did get Lyme’s Disease from a deer tick bite (ouch). And there were two weddings to attend, my little sister getting married in May and my step-brother getting married in September. Great times. And in recognition of some of the great things that happened throughout the year, here are my 2014 awards which hold no weight other then to show things that amused me.

Film of the Year
Winner: Guardians of the Galaxy
This was the easiest decision I have had to make in these awards. No film this year made me laugh as much as this had and it managed to beat the already high expectations I had of a new Marvel film. I’ve said it before on social media, 2014 was surely the Year of Chris Pratt who has shown that he has a deep stash of talent in his locker. I could not wait for GotG to come out on DVD/Blu-ray and have watched it a number of times already.

TV Show of the Year
Winner: Archer (series 5)
The series aired back at the beginning of the year, starting in January and ending in April. I remember when my friend first introduced Archer to our group and we binge watched the first season in pretty much the same afternoon. Only one show in recent times has made me laugh as much as Archer (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and I love the way the show is written. Many shows get worse after the first couple of seasons but Archer finds a way to get ‘evolving’ and stay funny without becoming old and stale.

Game of the Year
Winner: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
I struggled with this category and to be perfectly honest, I have only really played SoM since getting it for christmas. But looking at the other releases this year, it is hard to find anything that really delivered on it’s promise like Shadow of Mordor. I have put many, many hours in to Destiny and the gameplay is still solid and enjoyable but, considering how much this franchise supposedly cost, the story feels rushed, half-assed and incomplete, and the first expansion has done little to improve that. Assassins Creed Unity was also a game I was really looking forward to, but it was full of glitches and bad animation and required too much in the way of peripheral connectivity to REALLY 100% it. Shadow of Mordor combines the unique Nemesis engine with a decent story and very solid controls and combat system.

Film Trailer of the Year
Winner: Avengers – Age of Ultron Teaser Trailer
After being leaked nearly a week early (damn you Hydra!) Marvel did the clever thing and released a HD version very quickly after, making sure they took control of the hype and views. If you haven’t seen it already, I assume that is because you have been living under a rock (with no Wi-Fi) for a while, so yeah, go watch it!

Game Trailer of the Year
Winner: Destiny – Become Legend (Live Action)
My friend Tom finds this trailer too cheesy, but that is precisely what I love about it. Assuming Bungie intentionally made it that cheesy, the delivery of the lines is great and really did pump me up for the game release. Rather then keep going on about the cheese, you should go watch it. Go. Now.

So yeah, that is my ‘things’ of the year. I thought about doing some others, but these are the important ones and with any more I run the risk of rambling on for ages. Hook me up on Twitter or in the comments below to let me know what your Awards of the Year winner are. Peace

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