2018 was a hell of a year for me. I am still not sure that I am completely comfortable talking about it quite so openly yet, but I can say I am doing better now and despite everything negative, I am trying to concentrate on the positive outcomes, not least how much I learned about myself.

The biggest change to come out of 2018 though is a huge positive. I am back in Yorkshire. West Yorkshire this time, but only one junction away from family and where I used to live, and tomorrow I start my new job and I am really excited about it.

In previous years I would done a resolutions post but they are typically so vague or easy to achieve that they do not really mean anything. This year, I do not really want to do resolutions so much as get settled and take opportunities that come my way.

Right, a really disjointed post, but I needed something to get me back in the habit. Shake the rust off and before you know it we’ll be back to our usual standard of content.

Happy New Year, everyone. May it be a belter.